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Introducing our latest aquarium design, the amazing i3G (3 gallons).  Basically we have miniaturized an Aqua-Theatre Entertainment System, using a tablet as the media player instead of a TV.  The IQUARIUM uses a 9.7 inch tablet like an iPad or a Samsung galaxy android.  Comes with a universal tablet case that can be used even with the older iPads. This is a great way to recycle these out dated tablets and put them to good use.  

Kickstarter, we will be launching a Kickstarter campaign in early 2018.  To be notified first, please send a message to info@iquarium.us.  There will be special discounts on launch day you don’t want to miss.  Below is the pre-launch promotional video.

I donated one of my IQUARIUMS to my son’s special ed school Waban, in Sanford Maine earlier this year.  A local newspaper did a story on it.  Here is the link.

On June 9th of this year, a news story was aired about my fish tank.  My aquarium has been positively effecting the lives of children with Autism.  Please click here.

Hello and welcome to my Aqua-Theatre Aquarium Designs website.  Be sure to check out every page on the menu, as there are lots of good info and videos throughout.  Thank you and enjoy your visit.

What is an Aqua-Theatre Aquarium? Basically it is a fish tank that houses a TV as the background, with the filtration behind the unit.  The TV actually sits in the middle of the tank between the viewing area and the filter.  This leaves the cabinet area void of filtration equipment so the DVD players and stereo equipment wouldn’t get damaged by the sea water/moisture.  The DVD player(s) plays various videos of your choice and a stereo receiver is used to output sound onto speakers outside.   Welcome to the Aqua-Theatre Entertainment System!                                       

Tropical beach video.  Music:  “Guantanamera”

Why did I come up with this design?  During my ten years of setting up aquariums and taking care of them for people, I discovered that people often get bored with their fish tanks.  The fish is their pet so they like them, but the same old rocks and same scenery tends to get old and tiring after a while.  So I came up with a neat idea to be able to change the background of the aquarium according to what people liked.  By utilizing an LED TV,  the background can change from scenery to scenery with just a switch of a button from your TV remote control.  The multiple DVD players enable you to play different types of videos or slideshows.  Below is an example of an aquarium DVD as the background simulating a reef.  After all, the Aqua-Theatre Entertainment System is a fish tank first.  

The DVD is called “Tropical Reef Aquarium” from The Ambient Collection of Tony Helsloot. For detailed information about this video and other amazing relaxation DVD series, please go to “The Ambient Collection” page.

Can you tell which are the real fish and which are the fish in the video? In the above crazy awesome reef tank, all the small hippo blue tangs, all the clownfish, the royal gramma, the extra large yellow tang, the small yellow tail blue damsels and other damsel fish minus the large green chromis are the actual fish!  In the 42 inch LED TV, the size of the fish in the video look close to the actual real thing.  The video was taken with a slight zoom and the real fish seem to fit right in with the background reef scene.

This is the original clip, notice the void of the actual many blue fish. The blue hippo tangs in the video are the rare yellow belly kind out of the Maldives.  Talk about rare fish, notice the large orange clarion angels (retails for $4000 to $5000 in the US each!!!) OK now I’m getting off topic, ha! ha!  More on this on “The Tropical Reef Aquarium DVD” page.  Also, the music is part of the video soundtrack, and it is very soothing.