Dealer Inquiry

Attention dealers, especially service companies!  If you would like to promote my Aqua-Theatre Entertainment Systems, please inquire about wholesale pricing.  Or, if you ever thought about starting your own aquarium service business, I can give you free valuable advice on how to get started.  I may be able to get you clients in your area as well. Because my Aqua-Theatre Entertainment System is so unique and versatile, the product can literally sell itself.   Just to give you an idea of what pops up in my mind as a maintenance guy, check out these potential leads.  

  • Medical facilities, relax patients with soothing music and scenery.
  • Car dealerships – advertise their cars in the waiting rooms.
  • Restaurant and bars – use it as a menu for specials.
  • Funeral homes – play a slideshow of lost loved ones during the service.
  • Banks – advertise their deals in the waiting area.
  • Hotels, especially from tourist locations – play a slideshow of places of interest in the area.  Imagine at a hotel in Hawaii playing the video on the homepage- very cool! Also at the hotels, these aquariums would be perfect for conference rooms or halls. Who ever rents out the rooms can play their own background themes for their guests. Ideal for weddings and receptions, as well as business trade shows.

Golden Gate Bridge SF, CA.  Music:  “Without You”

  • Airports – Welcome visitors with a video of the reached destination, like the one above.  Imagine at SFO, tropical fish greeting newcomers with the iconic Golden Gate bridge in the background, definitely something unique and cool.
  • Retirement homes – use many different videos and photos lighten up the place.
  • Dive shops – show your underwater footage with real fish swimming around.
  • Because of the LED TV, now you can market towards places like Best Buy or anyplace that sells electronics.  Make a deal where you sell the Aqua-Theatre Entertainment System and they sell  the electronics.
  • High tech companies would love to have one of these special tanks in their lobbies. They would have all sorts of fun with these “high tech fish tanks”.
  • Work with architects and interior designers to get high profile clients.  
  • Basically you can target anyplace that has a waiting room or a lobby.  With a fish tank like below, it would put a smile on anyone’s face!

Lotus flower.  Music:  Tranquil flute sounds.