Tropical Reef Aquarium DVD


Here is a video a clip taken on my Aqua-Theatre Entertainment System dual TV.  The video is actually two different scenes being played on two different DVD players at the same time, but it gives the illusion that it is just one big fish tank.  There are several different scenery and music options on this fantastic reef DVD.  The actual fish in the tank are a tomato clown, a clarkii clown, a yellow tang, and two black and white heniocus bannerfish.  These real fish seemingly fit right into the scene very well. At a quick glance or from a bit distance, the setup looks like the real thing.  In the future I will set up an Aqua-Theatre Entertainment System with liverock and live corals, and with this video playing as the backdrop, it should be amazing!

Here is a promotional video clip from The Ambient Collection website. The Europeans clearly know what they are doing. Besides the super healthy stony corals, this reef has tons of exotic fish!  To name a few, Clarion angels, Gold flake angels, Black tangs, Achilles tangs, Purple tangs, Yellow belly blue tangs, Blond naso tangs, Magnificent foxfaces, Sixline angels, Blue face angels, Majestic angels, Emperor angels, and more. Then there are all the nice anthias, you got  barlett anthias, purple anthias, purple queen anthias (virtually impossible to keep in captivity), square anthias, yellow anthias, evansi anthias, cooperia anthias, tri color anthias, and many more.

There are too many fish to list in this amazing reef aquarium video.  You got to see it for yourself! As a hobbyist at heart, I can truly appreciate what has gone to establish this beautiful captive ecosystem.  The fish are really healthy and the corals are super, especially all the acroporas. This is by far the greatest reef tank I have ever seen or set up. If you have a tank or thinking about doing a reef, I highly recommend you get this video. You can use it as a guideline to what a killer reef aquarium should look like.  Even if you don’t have an aquarium, it would still look nice on a  HD TV.  With the soothing music, it will surely create the relaxing environment that it was intended to do.  But of course in the end, it would look the best in my Aqua-Theatre Entertainment System:)!