Frequently Asked Questions

Starfish on the beach.  Music:  “Cheery piano theme”.

Question:  Can the LED TV be replaced if it breaks down?                                                 Answer   :  Yes the LED TV can be replaced.

Question:  I have a 50 inch TV, can you build a tank for it?                                                 Answer   :  Currently only a Vizio 42 inch Smart TV can fit the systems.  Any other TV sizes or                     brands would have to be custom made, thus more expensive, but yes it is                                 possible.

Question:  Can the aquarium leak and damage the TV?                                                              Answer   :  No, the TV is totally enclosed in the middle of the aquarium, no way of water                            getting to it.

Question:  How does the fish react to the changing backgrounds?                                           Answer   :  The fish doesn’t seem to be effected at all, if anything, they seem to like it.                                When a reef scene is played with lots of fish, I can see the fish getting                                        more excited and swimming faster.  All the fish eat well and are very energetic,                        good signs that they are healthy and happy.

Question:  Can I do a reef with the Aqua-Theatre Entertainment System?                               Answer   :  These first generation models are designed to do fish only, really don’t have the                      extra space in the tank to set up live rock and such.  In the future I will design                          one that can be set up as a reef.

Question:  Do you sell the TV and the other electronics too?                                                      Answer   :  No, but I can get all the necessary equipment and charge the same price to the                       customer.  You just have to let me know how elaborate of a system you are                               wanting.   

Question:  What are the prices for these aquariums?                                                                  Answer   :   Send me a message.  Dealers, inquire about wholesale pricing.