My Coral Adventures Blog

I spent some years living overseas working in the aquarium trade.  Before working on the Aqua-Theatre Entertainment System project, I exported fish and coral from the islands of Indonesia and the Kingdom of Tonga in the South Pacific.  My specialty was in corals and during those days, I ran a blog of my activities.

If you would like to see what goes on behind the industry of the saltwater aquarium trade from the source, please visit my blog  I have not updated in a while but lots of interesting pictures and information can be found.  I will also be using this blog to update on my Aqua-Theatre Entertainment Systems.

Below are  few of my videos on Youtube from the exporting days.  The first one is from Bali at Turtle Island (Serangan).  The shallow protected beaches on this tiny island is ideal for aquaculturing corals.  Local fishermen make a living by growing these corals for the exporters.  The exporters buy the corals from the locals as part of the economic management system.    The second video is from Northern Bali where the corals are grown in much deeper water.  Go check out more  videos from my Coral Adventure days on youtube.