The backbone of my career has been in the aquarium service industry.  For 10 years in the San Francisco Bay area, I operated the largest aquarium design and maintenance company.  I gave up the business to my guys as a severance pay for being with me so long and left to go overseas to do export work.  That was ten years ago, and now I am starting over again here on the East Coast.

I have the 10 years of experience in aquarium designs and can help you design the aquarium of your dreams.  Currently I have developed the Aqua-Theatre Entertainment System as an alternative to the traditional way of fish keeping.  I call it “aquariums for the digital age”.  Below is a “digital” video clip that I downloaded from a royalty free site on the internet.  Added some music, and my Aqua-Theatre Entertainment System does the rest.  The stars of the show are the fish – ha! ha!

Sea Turtle Video.  Music:  “Polynesian Dream”

From design to installation to maintenance, we cover all aspects of the field.  One additional service I can provide, besides taking care of the aquarium, is to provide the background videos that I produce on my own.  For example, right now Christmas is coming up and I will be making footages with a Christmas theme.  I can provide these videos to my clients and change them out for a new one every week when the service is being done. Also the customer will have on hand many different themed videos.  This way they can play different backgrounds according to what they feel on a daily basis. Another innovative thing I can do, is to create special videos for special events.  For example, the client is having a big anniversary at their company and upon request I can create a special video theme just for that event.   So, not only are my fish tanks  special, but my services are also quite unique!  Speaking of unique, check out the cool video below.

Music:  “Running girl”